More “Reverse Retro” Teasers


The NHL and adidas continue teasing the release of each team’s new “Reverse Retro” alternate jersey, with the league’s Atlantic Division teams featured today.

That, of course, includes the Red Wings, who tweeted the following:

Based on last week’s teaser video, we already knew that the Red Wings would be using one of their 1998 jerseys as a base, swapping in silver on at least part of it.  What we see here appears to be a jersey with white sleeves and body, so it’s probably the red jersey with that color swapped out for white.

With all of that in mind, this could be what Detroit’s “Reverse Retro” jerseys will look like:

“Reverse Retro” concept based on switching the Red Wings’ 1998 away jersey template to white and silver

I used the silver-ified Winged Wheel from the Centennial Classic but it could just as easily be the standard one.

That said, via Twitter, Ryan Haruta pointed out a spot in the teaser image that looks like red fabric stitched onto white.

Is that a different logo, such as the Old English D?  Is it a red stripe?

There doesn’t seem to be a lot of cross-era logo switching going on in this series, so I don’t think it’s a different logo.  I lean towards that being a stripe and I wonder if the silver from the first teaser is not actually present on the jersey, in which case we’re looking at this:

“Reverse Retro” concept based on the Red Wings’ 1998 away jersey.

That’s not much of a Reverse Retro, more straight-up retro, except for the position of the waist stripe.  I like it more than adding silver, though.  The position of the waist stripe would bother me with red pants but this might be the best option the Wings have.

The full set of “Reverse Retro” jerseys is slated to be revealed tomorrow.

Update, 1:00 PM: After further discussion, that red-on-white bit could be the jersey number on the back, which was already expected to be red.  If that’s the case, that little bit tells us nothing about the stripes or logo, and I’m back to expecting the silver-striped sweater mocked-up above.

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