Red Wings Shuffle Roster as Injuries Mount

The Red Wings placed four players on injured reserve and called four replacements up from the Grand Rapids Griffins on Monday night.

So... That Top Line, Eh?

Giving credit to the Red Wings first line for making the team exciting to watch.

Red Wings Acquire Defenseman Biega

The Red Wings made a surprise deal following their home opener on Monday, trading Grand Rapids forward David Pope for defenseman Alex Biega.

Thoughts on the Opening Night Roster

On expectations and excitement (or lack thereof) about the Red Wings' 2019-20 roster.

On Nicklas Lidstrom: The Pursuit of Perfection

A review of the new biography, "Nicklas Lidstrom: The Pursuit of Perfection."

Public Service Announcement: Red Wings' Nameplates Haven't Changed

Annual public service announcement that the Red Wings have not changed their jersey nameplate style.


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Last Game - October 15, 2019

The final score of the most recent game the Detroit Red Wings have played in
Detroit Red Wings 1
Vancouver Canucks 5

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October 2019 schedule calendar
  1234at Nashville Predators5 - 3 W
vs. Dallas Stars4 - 3 W7vs. Anaheim Ducks1 - 3 L9at Montreal Canadiens4 - 2 W11vs. Toronto Maple Leafs2 - 5 L
1314at Vancouver Canucks1 - 5 L16at Calgary Flames9:00 PMat Edmonton Oilers9:00 PM19
2021vs. Vancouver Canucks7:30 PMat Ottawa Senators7:30 PM24vs. Buffalo Sabres7:30 PM26
vs. St. Louis Blues5:00 PM28vs. Edmonton Oilers7:30 PM3031  

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