Game Six: Morning After Thoughts


I was trying to figure out where I recognized the feeling of last night’s game from and I think I’ve finally got it: Game Six of the 2007 Western Conference Finals.

It’s that same kind of feeling of “if only X had happened.” It’s the feeling of a game that could have gone differently had there just been five more minutes on the clock.

The Wings took too long to get going. They had their chances but needed more and they didn’t get it.

If Henrik Zetterberg scores in the first period, Dan Cleary puts the puck five hole in the last two minutes, or Johan Franzen roofs the puck in the closing seconds, we’re talking about something completely different. But none of that happened.

It doesn’t make sense but I feel both terrified and confident going into Game Seven. Terrified because anything can happen, confident because the only times the Wings have lost are when they haven’t played a full game.

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