On Trading for Bouwmeester


It’s a slow news month in the Red Wings world, so the news that the Wings had indeed been talking to the Calgary Flames about trading for Jay Bouwmeester is a big deal.

With only six NHL defensemen on the roster, Bouwmeester would provide some much-needed added depth.  Once a young star, his stock has dropped since joining the Flames from the Florida Panthers in 2009.

It’s hard to argue against Detroit picking up a defenseman.  Depending on the cost, I’m not sure I’d complain about trading for Bouwmeester.

That said, I do wonder why Bouwmeester’s $6.68 million cap hit over two seasons would be deemed acceptable for a reclaimation project while $7 million over one season was too much to risk on Alexander Semin.

Is it simply because the Red Wings need a defenseman more than they need a forward?  Maybe, though I’m not sure how much I agree with that.

It’s doubtful that general manager Ken Holland would make a move before the new CBA is put together, so don’t expect a resolution to this any time soon.


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