Who’s Left for Detroit?


So I know a lot of people are ripping into Ken Holland right now, seemingly for not signing every available player. I said what I think about that (with some typos that I’m just now noticing) last summer and I won’t repeat myself now.

I have had a thought about someone who I wouldn’t be surprised to see Holland bring in. Holland likes his “off the board” moves and I’m not going to be surprised to pull one here. I think the replacement for Todd Bertuzzi is going to be Jason Allison.

He’s been out of the league for a full year and has only played one season since an injury-shortened 2002-03 campaign but is fairly gritty, a big guy, and is willing to accept a short-term, low money deal to show that he can still play.

Even if “low money” is $2 million (which I think is high, $1 – $1.5 million being more likely depending on if there are any other bidders), Detroit has $9 million under the cap to work with so after that and Hasek’s expected $2.5 million deal, that leaves $4.5 million to sign another defenseman.

Not a bad deal.


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