Red Wings – Blues Postgame Thoughts


Despite my last comment in the GDT, this is not a loss that the Red Wings can blame the refs on.

I am shocked that while being dominated for the last seven minutes of a one-goal game, a team that averaged 17 minutes of penalties per game did not commit a single infraction. But the Wings shouldn’t have needed a power play at that point.

It was yet another game where the Red Wings got a late start. That could be seen in the first two minutes.

I don’t want to throw him under the bus but I’d do it to Jimmy Howard: Chris Osgood needed to make one more save, maybe two. Yeah, Jonathan Ericsson made a pretty awful giveaway leading to Matt D’Agostini’s goal, but Osgood got faked out on the breakaway. Stop that shot and it’s a different game.

The loss was a team effort, though. Just like a comeback win would have been.

The team really turned it around for the second half of the game. Osgood was sharp, the defense limited St. Louis’ chances, and the offense controlled the puck. Those last seven minutes were pretty amazing, aside from not producing a goal.

I dunno, I’m mad about this loss but not as mad as I expected to be. Of course, I thought the Wings would drop this game and the Vancouver matchup so they came out with two more points than I was predicting.

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