Red Wings – Coyotes Postgame Thoughts


I didn’t see most of this game so I’m not going to say too much about it. Knowing the outcome, I’m not going back and watching it. Instead, my thoughts based on the reaction I’m seeing from elsewhere…

I don’t care what Larry Murphy says, having Phoenix’s first goal allowed one game after Detroit lost a goal for less is a joke. I want that explained to to me by someone who hasn’t spent the last week explaining how great everyone the Red Wings have played against is.

That said, that goal did not cause Detroit’s third period collapse so don’t even try to blame the loss on it. There are people who already have. They’re wrong.

The Wings looked awful in the second period. They only got six shots in the middle frame and it was a near-miracle that they managed to score twice. Valtteri Filppula’s goal was a lucky (but earned) bounce and Darren Helm’s was a great individual effort.

Sounds like that awfulness continued in the third, just without the lucky goal scoring. And at the other end they couldn’t stop anything.

Allowed goalie interference in the first period doesn’t cause a collapse in the third. Five PKs in the first 40 minutes don’t allow three goals in the last 20.

The Wings didn’t lose because of the refs, they lost because of themselves, just like every other loss as of late. They’ve got a three day break before three games in four nights. They’d better take advantage of it to get their act together.

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