Postgame Thoughts: Red Wings @ Sharks – Game Two


I started to write a long post about the Red Wings only putting in five minutes of effort and how it reminded me of Game Seven of the 2009 Finals and how much that pissed me off. Then I realized that I was probably putting more effort into writing that up than the team actually gave in the game itself. To hell with that.

At the start of Game One and the end of Game Two, this team showed that they can be better than the San Jose Sharks. The problem is that in between those times, they’ve played like they haven’t cared to.

If today’s game were a home game, the Wings would have deserved to get booed off the ice. Their lack of effort should offend fans and they deserve to lose this series if they don’t turn it around.

I firmly believe they can turn it around. This isn’t over by a long shot. They’re just going to have to decide which way they want to play.

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