Red Wings – Thrashers Postgame Thoughts



That’s how someone (Saler, I think) described the Red Wings in a game a few weeks ago and I think it’s something we’ve seen a lot from them this season. They’ve won despite it at times but tonight Detroit’s disinterest bit them in the ass in their 5-1 loss to the Atlanta Thrashers.

How many times do you remember the Red Wings having sustained pressure in the Atlanta zone tonight? I can think of a single second-period shift from the first line.

Forget sustained pressure, how many times do you remember the Wings cleanly gaining the zone and getting set up? How many odd-man rushes did they have?

I look at the boxscore and see that the Wings were credited with 33 shots but I’m shocked to see a number that high. It felt like no more than 20.

Detroit had nothing going on offense and then they were sloppy on defense. It’s what we’ve been seeing for the past week taken to an extreme. A loss like this was bound to happen the way they’ve been playing.

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