Postgame Thoughts: Red Wings @ Blue Jackets


Remember when I said that the Wings needed to remember their loss to the Capitals (rather than just forget it and move on) so that they wouldn’t do it again? Told ya so.

To a certain extent, tonight’s loss to the Blue Jackets (Columbus’ first win of the season, which will be repeated endlessly I’m sure) felt a lot like Saturday’s game never ended. The Red Wings couldn’t clear their zone, couldn’t gain the offensive zone, couldn’t get set up once they did get into the opposing end, weren’t getting shots through to the net… Pretty much everything went wrong.

At the other end of the ice, the Jackets played like a team determined not to lose. They held the puck, they got shots through, they followed up with rebounds. And they got some help from Ty Conklin, who had some decent stops but didn’t look good on either of the first two goals.

Once again, the Wings can’t just forget this one. Given what that this game happened at all, though, I don’t know that they won’t try to.

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