Postgame: Blue Jackets @ Red Wings


Can’t really complain about a 5-0 start, but the Wings definitely coasted at points tonight. Against a better team that might have meant something. Against a Columbus team that already looks significantly defeated, not so much.

The Jackets definitely had their chances tonight the Red Wings were slow in their own end throughout much of the second period. Here’s the question, though: Was Columbus’ lack of scoring because they’re that bad or because even a slow Detroit team is that good?

Partway through the game I was thinking, “Wow, this has really slowed down but the Wings are locking things down in their own zone.” Then I saw that the Blue Jackets were outshooting the Red Wings in the middle period. Was it really that the Wings had locked things down or were the Jackets just not capitalizing? I’d like to hope the former but I’m not sure.

I tweeted this when it happened but just to mention it again: Great to see Ericsson with a good fight but that didn’t need to happen. Dorsett had nothing to lose and everything to gain in terms of getting his team momentum, I wouldn’t have minded seeing Ericsson decline and not give him the opportunity. That said, it all worked out.

First game without a point for Jiri Hudler but the rest of the second line picked up the slack as Franzen and Filppula each had four points. That line is going to be highly important this season if Datsyuk and Zetterberg are going to be played together on the top line so it’s fantastic to see so much from them early.

Hopefully the slower play by Detroit tonight means they’ll be rested in Washington tomorrow in a battle of undefeated teams.

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