Red Wings – Hurricanes Postgame Thoughts


I tweeted around the time of the second goal that the Red Wings looked like they spent the entire time from Henrik Zetterberg’s injury to that point feeling bad for themselves. Unfortunately, that never actually ended.

Detroit played much of this game with no life. I’m amazed at how many shots they were credited with given that they never seemed to be getting any chances.

I can’t think of more than a time or two where the Wings had any sustained pressure. Even their big chances (two shots off the post in the second period) were pretty much one-and-done trips into the Carolina zone.

It’s understandable that with a playoff spot locked up Detroit is going to get outplayed by a Hurricanes team fighting for position but I’ll be damned if it’s not disappointing to see.

And, of course, the Zetterberg injury. They’re calling it “lower body” now but there was at least one report that it was a twisted ankle. That Zetterberg skated off under his own power should be a good sign but there aren’t a lot of games left for him to get healthy, if that’s what it’ll take.

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