Postgame: Hurricanes @ Red Wings – 10/16


I picked a good game to miss, apparently. Not that what I was watching in Grand Rapids was much better.

Catching back up on highlights and reports, there are clearly good things and bad to take from the 5-3 loss to the Carolina Hurricanes.

Any loss to a previously-winless team stings. A loss like this doubly-so. Giving up five goals to a team that had only scored five goals all season? Brutal. Jimmy Howard didn’t play up to the level he had been at for his first two games of the season, which earned him the first consecutive starts by a Detroit goalie this year. Rebound control, long an issue for him, came back to bite him again. That said, the defense couldn’t move the puck. Or clear the puck. It looked like the duct-taped blue line that it is.

Oh the plus side, three goals for in an awful game. I mean, Cam Ward isn’t a good goalie, but the offense kept clicking so at least it wasn’t a complete failure. And, hey, point streaks for Henrik Zetterberg and Dylan Larkin.

Next up is Montreal. A game like Friday’s from Detroit and that’ll be a blowout.

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