Red Wings – Oilers Postgame Thoughts


Ignoring the awesomeness of the H2H2 pre-game party and how fun it was to celebrate a win with everyone, that was a pretty awful game for the Wings. Two much-needed points but not a good game.

The team we saw in the final 5 minutes was not the same as the other 59. They were getting rebound chances, they were going to the net. That wasn’t happening for most of the game.

For most of the game, the Wings couldn’t gain the Edmonton zone. I overheard Chris Hollis call it dump and chase without the chase. Part of the reason for that is that they’d get tired out in their own zone, finally get possession, then dump it in so they could make a line change. No forecheck means they’re just giving the puck back.

There were some defensive turnovers (Ericsson) but for the most part the blue line was solid. Kronwall cannot hold the puck in at the opposition blue line, he’s just awful about it right now.

Howard had a pretty spectacular night but the one goal he allowed was beyond weak. If this was a loss, that gets held against him more. With a win it doesn’t matter.

I’ll get my photos from the pre-game warmups posted as soon as I can.

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