PWHL Trademarks Updated League Logo


The Professional Women’s Hockey League has yet to reveal identities for its six teams set to begin play this winter but it does appear to be tweaking the brand at the league level.

According to the United States Patent and Trademark Office’s TESS system, the league, which has been using a relatively-generic rendering of the “PWHL” acronym in a sans-serif font as an identifier, applied for a trademark last week on three new logos, all centered around a stylized “W” where the apex of the letter is replaced by a pair of crossed hockey sticks.

A newly-trademarked PWHL logo consisting of a stylized W merged with crossed hockey sticks.

The standalone “W” accounts for one of the marks while another features the “PWHL” text over the “W” and the third integrates the stylized “W” into the acronym.

Additionally, the “PWHL” wordmark in these latter two marks is rendered using a different font than the league has been using to this point.

Trademark filings are typically made in black and white so there is no indication whether the blue accent that the league has been using will continue.

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