Thoughts on Athanasiou’s (Lack Of) Contract


We’re a week into the Red Wings’ preseason, having wrapped up training camp and three exhibition games, and forward Andreas Athanasiou is still not with the team.

The most recent report from MLive’s Ansar Khan – who still has me blocked on Twitter – is that Athanasiou is asking for $2.5 million per season while the Red Wings are offering $1.9 million.  That doesn’t match what I’d heard Athanasiou was asking but I’m not hung up on that because the $1.9 million is more important to me and has been reported by several outlets.

Last night I Tweeted the following about that:

It was an intentional oversimplification but I think there’s a point there nonetheless.

The knocks against Athanasiou are that he’s a one-dimensional player and that he only has 101 NHL games under his belt.  And they’re valid issues.

But if I’m Athanasiou, I’m looking at Darren Helm’s contract for $3.85 million per season.  I’m saying he’s one-dimensional, too, it’s just that defense is his dimension.  I’m saying he was given his contract at age 29, just as a player known for his speed could be expected to begin his decline, which is just as much of an unknown as youth is.

Darren Helm, speedy defensive specialist on the decline, is worth twice what Andreas Athanasiou, speedy offensive specialist who may be an unknown, is worth?

If I’m Athanasiou, the Wings’ first offer is still in my mind.  $1.2 million per season.  It’d’ve made the Red Wings second-leading goal scorer their second-lowest-paid forward not on an entry level deal, above newcomer Luke Witkowski.  Even the $1.9 million deal lifts him only past Luke Glendening.

Are there deals across the NHL that can be used as comparables to show that Athanasiou is worth no more than $1.9 million?  Of course.  The problem is that Ken Holland already has a history of giving out bad deals.  If I’m Athanasiou, I’m looking at $1.9 million and saying, “Now?  You just happen to get sane about your contracts when it’s my turn?”

Athanasiou seems to me like the kind of guy who’d get offended by a low offer.  I don’t see that as a bad thing but I know there are plenty who would.  I think he’d find it hard being the team’s second-highest goal scorer and being paid like their fourth-line faceoff specialist.

By extension, I don’t think the two sides are as close as it’s been reported lately.  Whatever number they say he wants, I think Athanasiou wants to not be among the lowest-paid forwards on the team.  It takes getting up to Helm’s $3.85 to do that.

Do I think he’ll actually get that?  Not a chance.  But I can see why he’d be unwilling to give any more than he already has.  So if Holland is holding firm at $1.9 million and Athanasiou is already at $2.5 million, that $600,000 might as well be $6 million.

But I admit that this is all conjecture.  Athanasiou may very well sign for $1.9 million minutes after I publish this.  If I’m reading him right, though, I don’t see that happening.

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  • I said something to this effect and was lit up for it. It’s true though. Why is KH picking THIS contract to play hardball on? Should he fix his crap and start offering contracts that make sense? Absolutely! But this is an incredibly odd time to finally decide that enough is enough. Do it with the next aging vet contract. Not a guy that could be a great part of your future.

    Billy Howell September 22, 2017 1:37 PM
    • As a fan who wants to see this team not hamstrung by bad contracts, I’m fine with getting sane as soon as possible. I can see how it’d offend a player, though.

      There’s probably a post of its own here but I think this is something that could justify Holland being fired. If AA is negotiating with a new GM and points at Helm, the new guy just says, “Come on, we all know that was a bad deal. We don’t do that anymore.” Holland can’t say that.

      Clark Rasmussen September 22, 2017 1:58 PM
  • Maybe Holland should budge, say 2.1 million for 2 seasons. That at least gets him above the plug that is Riley Sheahan’s 2.075 mil per season.

    Robert September 22, 2017 2:24 PM
    • Given how quickly the rumors have picked up about Sheahan being traded to Pittsburgh, I’m not sure leapfrogging him is an issue.

      Clark Rasmussen September 22, 2017 2:42 PM