On the Pistons’ Move to Little Caesars Arena


Per Ian Thibodeau of the Detroit News, the Detroit Pistons will announce tomorrow that they intend to move to Little Caesars Arena with the Red Wings next season.

I’m a Red Wings fan first and a Pistons fan only because I always default to the home team.  As such, this is disappointing to me.

The Joe is a dirt pit.  It needs to be replaced.  But it’s the Red Wings’ dirt pit.  The banners and photos and statues are all Red Wings.

In a shared arena, that’s not going to happen.  Yeah, there will be Red Wings photos, and there will be Red Wings banners, and there will probably be Red Wings statues.  But are the rafters going to be a sea of red and white?

Having the Pistons back downtown is great for the city and good for the arena.  It’s a step back for the Wings, though.  Their new arena isn’t entirely theirs anymore.


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  • This is just so SILLY to me. This is so common in other cities. Why are some Wings fans so spoiled and feel entitled to an entire arena to themselves…just so they can have THE RAFTERS to themselves?


    The rafters.

    Carey Conley November 22, 2016 9:09 PM