Postgame: Panthers @ Red Wings – 12/2


Well, that was a pretty awful game overall. As per usual when I don’t feel like the Red Wings put in any effort, I don’t want to put in any effort writing this up.

One thing I didn’t think much of during the game but kind of stands out to me now is that, while Jimmy Howard was not at fault for this loss, he also wasn’t standing on his head. You can’t expect a goalie to do that every night, I don’t think it would be a problem that he didn’t tonight except for the fact that down at the other end Roberto Luongo was looking pretty unbeatable for long stretches of play.

The story, though, I think has to be the turnovers. Detroit flat out gifted Florida too many opportunities, including at least two that led directly to goals. They’ve been uncharacteristically sloppy for a little while now, it’s bit them in the ass for goals against a few times, now it cost them a game.

The team will say forget it and put it behind them. I always say don’t forget it, remember it and don’t do it again. I’ll leave it at that.

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