Red Wings – Panthers Postgame Thoughts


Well, that was pretty much what was expected, just with a better outcome.

The Red Wings played a sloppy, uninspired game against a Panthers team that’s just not very good and barely earned the win.

Detroit was sloppy in their own zone and lazy on offense. They had a horrible time clearing the puck past their own blue line. Aside from the goals, they didn’t generate a whole lot of scoring chances.

Thankfully, they came up big when they had to.

Todd Bertuzzi with two goals. I thought he was going to get one last night and he was just as good tonight.

Danny Cleary’s goal was a fantastic effort, as was Pavel Datsyuk’s.

I was berating Joey MacDonald all night, especially after the first goal against. That’s was just inexcusable. The stop on Stephen Weiss in the closing minute almost makes up for it, however.

That last-minute chance shouldn’t have happened and was a sign of the Wings’ struggles keeping the Panthers out of the Detroit end.

I do think the Wings can rebound from this, they’re just signs of a tired team.

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