A Quick Note on Damien Brunner


I started to write this as a tweet but I need more than 140 characters…

I’ve been watching and re-watching the ridiculously awesome video from the Red and White Game that the Griffins posted earlier today and one play in particular sticks out to me because it exemplifies something Damien Brunner said in an interview earlier this week.

I’ll paraphrase because I can’t find the original quote, but when asked about the smaller North American ice surface, Brunner said, “there’s less room to make a move, but when you come off the boards you only have to beat one person and then you’re in on net.” Basically, “Yeah, I have less space to move, but they have less space to stop me.”

I love that attitude and at 2:50 of the video, you can see him back it up. Yeah, he had a forward back in a scrimmage, but I look forward to seeing him make moves like that this season.


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