Postgame : Red Wings @ Blues – 12/6


Well, much like the last time these two teams met, the Red Wings deserved the loss. I don’t know what it is about the Blues but Detroit has just had absolutely nothing going against them the last two times they’ve played.

Looking at the Wings’ pair of goals… Franzen’s was just a fantastic individual effort. That’s not the team doing well, it’s Franzen putting the team on his back. Good to see but not something you can count on. The second goal, whether finally given to Hudler or Cleary, was a bit of a mad scramble. Again, not something you can coach.

The bottom line is that Detroit had nothing going, either from their own laziness or St. Louis’ puck pressure. Or a combination of the two. Neither is a good thing, as the Wings can’t afford to be lazy and they have to be able to outwork a team putting that much pressure on them.

Their weak play in the offensive zone wasted what was mostly a good night defensively. Brad Stuart’s goal-line glove save in the first was particularly fantastic but in the end, futile.

The Wings have got to get better on the road as they’ve dropped back below .500 away from the Joe. That’s not good enough to go very far. There’s plenty of time to rebound but this was a bad night.

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