Postgame: Oilers @ Red Wings


Three games makes a streak, right?

The Red Wings have bounced back nicely from their six-game losing streak with a three-game winning streak, during which they’ve only allowed two goals.

For the record, the Wings haven’t allowed a goal in the regular season games I’ve been to this year. That’ll be put to the test tomorrow against Dallas.

I think tonight’s game was a little sloppy and a little slow. There were long stretches that just weren’t really that fun to watch, but the Red Wings grinded away and picked up the win.

There were only a handful of shifts from either team where they really controlled play in the opposing zone, so when one came up it was really noticeable.

Jimmy Howard made a couple of nice stops and was there when he was needed. Not the hardest shutout of his career but important right now as the rest of the team gets back on track.

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