Detroit – Phoenix: Post-Collapse Notes


I’m going to half-heartedly put on my tinfoil hat for just a second to point out one thing.

It sure is convenient that the league-owned Coyotes just happened to get a power play in the final two minutes of the game, just in time to spark their comeback. And that the game-tying goal was scored with a guy a foot into the crease.

Okay, that out of the way, I’ll jump to the other side of that argument and point out that a Detroit team that can’t clear a defenseman (Ed Jovanovski) from their own crease with 30 seconds left in regulation doesn’t deserve to win. Nicklas Lidstrom should have been on him, or Jimmy Howard should have laid the lumber into him.

Instead, Howard backed all the way into his net to accommodate Jovanovski. From that spot he had no chance of stopping any puck put at him.

Detroit should know better than any team that you can get away with beating the hell out of a player camped out in the crease. Rather than doing it, they played nice and let Phoenix tie the game.

Aside from the nap the Wings took in allowing the first and second Phoenix goals, I have no other complaints about the game. To me it all comes down to that tying goal.

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