Minor Rant, No Recap for Wings – Sharks


Just in case anyone was anxiously waiting for it, I’m not doing a recap for last night’s game. I could call it a case of “If the refs won’t do their job, I won’t do mine.” but that’s a lazy answer, just like the Wings blaming their loss on the officials would be lazy.

I’ve said before that I hate it when refs aren’t held resposible for mistakes like that which happened against San Jose. I understand that the officials are human but it’s up to the league to show that those mistakes are going to be corrected. When there’s no (public) response to an incident like this, it makes it seem like the league doesn’t care.

I’m not asking for the officials to be thrown under the bus, just admit that a mistake happened.

But no recap from me, not because of the officials but because I’m busy with another project. I expect an announcement about that to be coming up soon.


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