More on the Wings’ New Jerseys


The Freep has a bit more on the Wings’ new jerseys today. Turns out there will be one big change, the captain’s “C” is switching sides.

The letters had to be moved because the new jerseys are made of multiple panels, and there wasn’t room for them above the tip of the Winged Wheel on the left side without hitting a seam. And if you look at some old Wings photos, that’s actually been done before, too.

The Wings are the only team making that change. It’s similar to the one the Rangers had to make, changing the angle of their slanted lettering in order to fit the letters all on the same panel.

This probably means that if the Wings ever need to wear a patch, such as the Cup Finals patch that usually goes opposite the captain/alternate captain letter, it will be shifted onto the shoulder. We’ll have to wait and see about that, though.

Edit, 8/15 – 4:41 PM:
Photos from the Freep…

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