I’m Just Sayin’


I went on and on about this in the forums tonight but I figure it can’t be said enough so I’ll expand on it a little here.

On page 164 of the 2006-2007 NHL Rulebook (page 212 of the giant PDF that the league provides through its website), rule 78.5 is found.

Rule 78.5 is imporant is that it descibes the specific circumstances upon which an apparent goal is to be disallowed. One such circumstance?

“When a goalkeeper has been pushed into the net together with the puck after making a save.”

In Detroit on Sunday, two referees and an entire video review team ignored this rule, allowing Travis Moen’s apparent game-tying third period goal to stand despite the fact that Red Wings’ netminder Dominik Hasek was pushed into the net with the puck by Rob Niedermayer.

I can’t say what the outcome of the game would have been had the rulebook not been thrown out but we should have been able to find out.


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