Game Thread: Predators at Red Wings – 11/26

Open Game Thread

Nashville Predators at Detroit Red Wings
November 26, 2011 – 7:00 PM

26 thoughts on “Game Thread: Predators at Red Wings – 11/26”

  1. Just over 24 hours after downing the defending champs in a shootout, the Red Wings are back at it, hosting the Nashville Predators.

    Jimmy Howard gets his fifteenth consecutive start for the Wings tonight. He’s been red hot but I can’t believe this doesn’t say something about backup Ty Conklin’s place on the team right now.

    Patrick Eaves, who’s also had a hard time getting into the lineup, will swap in for Cory Emmerton. Eaves will play on the third line with Justin Abdelkader dropping to Emmerton’s spot centering the fourth line.

    No other lineup changes are expected.

    Game time is 7:00. FSD has the TV.

  2. Bad feeling about the fact that the Wings dominated for a period and only have a one-goal lead.

  3. Can’t really blame Rinne too much there, deflected at least twice on the way through.

  4. Bad feeling about the fact that the Wings dominated for a period and only have a one-goal lead.

    You were saying something about not dominating?

  5. Looks like Fliper’s deflection was just incidental. Didn’t even know where his stick was.

  6. Eight shots through two periods for Nashville. Insane. But somehow I still have a bad feeling about this, “only” up by three.

  7. Well, the Wings haven’t showed tired legs yet (knock, knock…) for playing yesterday. That’s my worry. And if you’re thinking trashville is one of those “pesky” teams for Detroit, I’d say you’re dead on. Bad things do seem to happen more with trashville than most other teams.

  8. Making the Preds look a bit stupid there. Nice shot but great play by Helm to make it happen.

  9. Less worried about the Preds coming back now, more worried about dirty play. I’ll be happy when this one is over.

  10. I don’t know if it was the quality (or lack thereof) of the opponent but the Red Wings looked better tonight, on the second game of a back-to-back set, than they did in Boston yesterday. It felt like Detroit had the puck all game, especially in the first two periods when they limited the Predators to only eight shots.

    Of course, that gets overshadowed a bit by the injury to Patrick Eaves late in the game. No news about the severity yet but that puck didn’t look like it got his helmet, looked to me like he took it straight to the ear. I’m no doctor, I won’t even try to guess what that means for him.

    As for the Wings, they currently sit on top of the Western Conference, a position that could change by the end of the night. They own a five-game winning streak and have taken eight of their last ten. Not bad considering they started the month wrapping up a six-game losing streak.

  11. Good on Fil for sticking with the play after Bert thought he’d scored. Very nice shot from the odd angle.

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