Game Thread: Kings at Red Wings – 3/9

Open Game Thread

Los Angeles Kings at Detroit Red Wings
March 9, 2007 – 7:30 PM

12 thoughts on “Game Thread: Kings at Red Wings – 3/9”

  1. Sometimes I wonder if Hasek is causing his own issues when it comes to the groin issues, as taking weeks off to keep him healthy could essentially be a cause as much as the problem. Although, I certainly wouldn’t want to see him injured before the playoffs, I would like to see him be more consistent

    What’s really been nice during this interim of currently injured players, is that Mike has had a chance to really get a good look at the team all the way to the farm team. I would like to think he is prepping the team for line adjustments before Bertuzzi makes his debut.

    He certainly hasn’t given opponents for the playoffs anything to put on paper. I really do believe Babcock is the coach to take us all the way. Big BUT! Why in the Hell is his team coming into games so lackluster lately. I mean come on. I can see that keeping an even keel into the playoffs without too much stress is critical, but you cannot let the Kings come into the house and start slapping us around. This type of game performance can be catchy going into the playoffs and then… oooops, what happened, where did we go wrong….. type of sh*t are the questions asked when we’re knocked out of the first round.

    Go Wings!

  2. Man, that kid (13) can reall play hockey boy! Go Dats!!

    And they score on us again! I gotta tell ya, this D really can be difficult to appreciate.

    Go Wings.

  3. You’re right “on paper” it should be 2 points for the Wings. At the end of two periods of play, it doesn’t look like those two points are assurred. While the Wings have generated some scoring opportunities, they haven’t converted them. Lapses on defense by Wings, most notably “KRONWELL” also seem to at work. I think its time for Babcock to start benching people until attitudes change. As the old saying goes, The floggings will continue until morale improves.” Thats my take at this juncture. :)

  4. Lebda!!!!! Yeah BABY!!! What a goal. Redeeming the D.

    What is up with this team. Get another goal, don’t let one in Geesh! Come on Detroit.

    Look at Mark Crawford, standing there with his mouth hanging open. You got nothin sucka, you got nothin!

    Except Lang…

    Go Wings

  5. I don’t have the awful feeling about this one that I’ve had in a lot of close games lately. We’ll see if they can kill of the penalty in OT.

    Welcome back Mikey!

  6. Yeah! Scoooores!! Samuelsson from a beaut from Dats!!

    YzerFan.. GOOD Call Bro!

    Go Wings!!

  7. On paper this should be an easy two points however, I don’t want to jinks us.


  8. Wings have the tendency to play down to the lesser teams. We’ll see if Hasek has any rust.

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