5 thoughts on “Game Thread: Red Wings at Flames – 4/3”

  1. You knew that Detroit was either going to take a penalty or allow a goal after all those turnovers at the end of the first period. Turns out they did both. Ugh.

  2. Stevie ties it! Nine game point-scoring streak, only two goals behind Messier.

  3. How the hell does Marchment keep getting away with those blatant knee-on-knee hits? I can’t believe no one’s ever broken his damn leg off and shoved it up his ass, skate first.

  4. Edit: Consolidated my shootout posts after-the-fact

    Another damn shootout. Holy crap, the Wings seem to be making up for being the last team to go to one with the number they’re going to now.

    Big goal by Pavs!

    Ozzie with the save!

    And Willy does it again!

    Ozzie stones Iginla! Wings win!

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