If A Red Wing Rookie Makes History Will Anyone Know?: Boobs Take Over Red Wing Social Media Coverage


I was going to write a post today about how great it is to see the youth movement in Detroit coming up big in the playoffs. The new era is shifting well though its growing pains. Gustav Nyquist made NHL history when he became the first rookie to record his first two playoff points both in overtime (goal, assist – two different games for those that were all “huh?”)

Then came the internet. Twitter today has been busy with Red Wings banter. Too bad it’s all been about boob jiggles and some writer over at MLive that no one has ever heard of before.

This moron; whom I wont name or post a link to his piece of crap article to give him more attention, has now been named the “flag bearer” for the Red Wings fan base.

Congratulations Red Wings fans you now know nothing about the sport according to everyone with a Twitter account.

Can you name five players not on the Red Wings roster? In my experience most hockey fans can; but because one not even halfassed writer decided to claim no one can (also claims Detroit has no national coverage – which I thought was the big drawback to the Wings moving is it that the West will have less coverage?

Two rookies score last night against the Ducks and all that is being discussed is moronic statements within piss poor writing and boob jiggles. I’d make a pun about who is the bigger boob but that would be too easy.

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