Postgame: Red Wings @ Flames – 3/13


It’s late, so this is going to be quick.

I called it a clusterfuck after the first goal and it never stopped. Five goals that were each the result of a complete and utter defensive breakdown and lack of goaltending. And I don’t want to throw Jonas Gustavsson under the bus here, but he’s gotta stop one of those. It wouldn’t have mattered for the outcome but he didn’t make a single save when he was called upon to, until the penalty shot after everything was wrapped up.

Very much disagree with this. That Brendan Smith had a bad game on defense (and he did) does not mean that Gustav Nyquist and Tomas Tatar shouldn’t be getting chances with the top six forwards. Or, for that matter, that Petr Mrazek shouldn’t be getting another look. Dump everyone and call up the entire Griffins team? Of course not. There is no reason, though, for Nyquist to be on the third line when Justin Abdelkader is skating with Pavel Datsyuk. If the Wings are going to lose games like this, I’d rather it be from rookie mistakes on the top lines than lack of talent there.

I rarely say you should forget about a game because you lose the chance to learn from it. This one was so bad, I agree that it’s best to just forget it and move on.

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