Postgame: Blackhawks @ Red Wings – 4/7


I’m a little confused about the Red Wings’ 3-2 shootout loss to the Blackhawks this afternoon.

I feel like the Wings didn’t play to their potential but I can’t point to a lot of specific plays that back that up. It was a solid game by both teams and in the end Detroit just didn’t do enough, or didn’t get the bounces, or whatever you want to call it.

It was a much better effort than we saw Thursday against the Devils, though, so I’m comfortable going into the playoffs off of that game.

Speaking of the playoffs… We don’t have to wait for any of the night games to know what the Wings will be doing now. They’ve locked up the fifth seed and will visit the fourth-seeded Nashville Predators to open the first round.

I agree that Nashville is a very good team but I disagree with those thinking it’d be better to have dropped to sixth to take the Pacific Division champion. You don’t pick your poison at this time of year. Nashville is a known quantity and they’re not far away. There are pluses to go with the negatives.

Supposedly the schedule will be released tomorrow.

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