Quincey Suspended One Game for Charging


I’ve gotta say, I’m surprised at this one. Kyle Quincey has been suspended for one game for charging Tomas Kopecky on Sunday.

I really expected two games. Seems like more people expected three. I’m sure allegations of bias towards the Red Wings will be thrown around.

That said, I can see why they’d go with only a game.

To describe the hit one way, Quincey launched himself into the air to hit Kopecky in the face with his elbow. Sounds really bad.

Same play could also be that he jumped at Kopecky, who had his head down and happened to hit Quincey’s elbow. Important to note that Quincey did not seem to raise his elbow into the hit.

Either way, it was a stupid play by Quincey and he deserves the punishment.


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