Postgame: Canucks @ Red Wings – 2/23


You had to know that the streak would end in a shootout, especially seeing how those were such a point of contention over the past couple weeks on whether or not the streak “really counted” because of Detroit’s overtime and shootout wins.

It’s frustrating because the Wings were close. This could have been a win. If any of Detroit’s three shooters had any bit of inspiration in the shootout… If Danny Cleary didn’t put two great chances in overtime right into Roberto Luongo… If the linesman didn’t buy Sami Salo’s “I’m trying as hard as I can to pretend to try as hard as I can” leading to that last icing call (or, even better, if Todd Bertuzzi is more careful dumping the puck out in the first place)…

But I say it’s okay to be frustrated because no one knows how to act when a twenty-three game winning streak comes to an end. Next time someone does it, they can let me know.

What the Wings need to do to get a new streak going? Power play. My god, they need to get the power play clicking. That’s a dead horse, I know, but they’ve had chances the last two games that they didn’t look remotely competent on. It’s biting them in the ass repeatedly.

Two days in a row off twice next week should give them some time to calm things down and work on this stuff. We’ll see if it helps.

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