Postgame: Blues @ Red Wings – 1/23


Quick postgame notes ’cause I’m sick and need to try to get to sleep.

Chris Stewart challenging Brad Stuart at the end of the first period was just a stupid move by the St. Louis forward. Your team has the lead and you put them on the PK? Wings took advantage and that was the turning point of the game. From then on, the Blues were chasing the Wings.

Similarly, Carlo Colaiacovo spending 15 seconds with Darren Helm in a headlock while skating four aside and with his team down by one? Why the hell do you do that? Worst-case (which happened), it’s an insurance goal against. There’s just no upside to it.

It shows that the Blues still have a ways to go mentally.

That said, they’ve proven throughout this season that they’re a much more dangerous team than a lot of people are giving them credit for. They’re a lot like Nashville in that they’re a system team with solid goaltending but I think the Blues have more talent and a better coach than the Predators do. They may drop off their current pace, they may not. I’m glad the Wings don’t play them until April.

Seventeen consecutive home wins. They’ve needed a lot of extra time to get those points but that’s impressive nonetheless.

Jimmy Howard. Don’t love seeing him getting into fights but I love that he’s willing to. He’s proving why he’s an All-Star this year. I wish he could rest this weekend but I’m glad he gets the honor. Since I’m on the topic of Howard, I’ll close with a tweet from @Apetrelak:

Fact: Jimmy Howard has more wins than 27 NHL teams have and is on pace to BREAK Brodeur’s wins record. Dude’s unreal

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