Red Wings – Islanders Postgame Thoughts


Look back at tonight’s Red Wings – Islanders game and tell me something… Do you remember a single time where Detroit was in the New York zone and you felt like they had momentum?

On the flip side, was there ever a time tonight where you thought the Wings were just shutting it down defensively? Where the Islanders just couldn’t get anything started?

I’ll admit that I missed the end of the second and the beginning of the third but in the 50 minutes or so I saw tonight there was not a single time that the Red Wings threatened the Islanders offensively and there were no big defensive plays at the other end of the ice.

This was the kind of game I hate most, one where the Red Wings seemed to put in absolutely no effort. Either the Islanders were outplaying them that badly or the Wings weren’t really trying.

It wouldn’t have been all that sporting, but part of me wanted to see Mike Babcock pull Chris Osgood for the extra skater in the game’s closing minute, giving his team a 6-on-4 manpower advantage and a challenge to break the shutout.

Like last fall’s game against the Buffalo Sabres, this one is best forgotten almost immediately. I’m going to aid that by going and deleting it off of my DVR right now.

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