Report: NHLPA Suspends Operations


I’m not seeing this anywhere else but 680 News out of Toronto is reporting that the NHLPA is suspending operations.

If true, this is a bizarre twist for the PA.

I’ll update as more becomes available.

Update, 2:14 PM:
TSN of Canada reports that the NHLPA and interim executive directory Ian Penny have parted ways.

Update, 2:22 PM: says that Penny resigned.

National Hockey League Players’ Association interim executive director Ian Penny has resigned, sources tell Sportsnet.

On Friday’s edition of Hockeycentral @ Noon, Nick Kypreos reported the NHLPA was preventing Penny and ombudsman Buzz Hargrove from contacting player representatives.

According to Kypreos, the NHLPA “is not a functioning organization right now.”

Update, 2:37 PM:
TSN now says it was a bit of a house-cleaning.

Sources indicate Steve Larmer, Dan O’Neill and Ron Lloyd of the NHLPA’s Advisory Board resigned Thursday night and legal counsel Paul Cavalluzzo resigned on Friday morning.

Update, 3:12 PM:
Here’s the NHLPA’s statement, from TSN:

“Interim Executive Director Ian Penny informed the NHLPA staff and the NHLPA Executive Board earlier today that it is his position he has been constructively dismissed as Interim Executive Director of the NHLPA and can no longer work in the present circumstances. Effective today, Ian Penny is no longer employed by the NHLPA.”

I’m only surprised about the timing. Penny fought hard against the Chelios group tasked to investigate Paul Kelly’s firing, which many have assumed Penny was behind. I thought he still had some fight left, though, so while I expected him to be let go eventually I didn’t expect it now.

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