Thinking About the Next Home of the Red Wings


Malik pointed out that plans for the expansion of Cobo Hall are back on track.

This is important for Wings fans as possible expansion plans have included building a new home for the Red Wings and then utilizing the space currently taken by Joe Louis Arena for the Cobo expansion.

What I find interesting about these latest discussions is the idea of using space at Cobo Arena for the expansion.

Over the summer I was looking from a purely geographical standpoint at the idea of a new arena for the Wings. I still am firmly convinced that the next arena will be in Foxtown on Ilitch-owned land there but I believe something very interesting could be done closer to their current home.

The problem with the location of the Joe is that nothing is within walking distance of it. It’s on the wrong side of Cobo Hall to reach anything on Jefferson. Cobo Arena, however, is on the right side of Cobo Hall.

What if, rather than building in Foxtown, Cobo Arena was rebuilt as an NHL-calibre venue?

Not as much new infastructure would need to be built as that area is already set up to handle crowds of 20,000 or more. The existing Joe and Cobo parking could be used. Hart Plaza could become the outdoor area where fans gather before and after games.

I don’t know how feasible it really is and I don’t expect it to happen anyway, I just think it’s an interesting thought.

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