Red Wings – Ducks Wrap Up


I’ve been trying to think of some nice, all-encompassing line or two to sum up last night’s OT loss in Anaheim but I’ve got nothing. Instead I’ll just repost (with corrected spelling) something I said over at Abel to Yzerman before the start of overtime.

You know what I love about that tying goal? It proves that Red Wings hockey is better than Ducks hockey. All that extra-physical, “Let me whip it out and show you how much of a man I am” sh*t Anaheim does bit them in the ass, with Beauchemin going for the hit instead of cutting off the pass.

Unfortunately, that doesn’t automatically make the Wings the better team or give them the win. Just makes me feel better.

With how the game ended, I’m not sure it makes me feel better anymore. Anaheim did what they always do, they did something that’s technically against the rules but isn’t bad enough that the league punishes them for it.

Chris Pronger elbows Pavel Datsyuk to the head? Pavs is fine, no big deal.

Game-winning goal from above the crossbar? Eh, it was only a couple inches, let it slide.

Red Wings hockey is better than Ducks hockey because there’s a difference in being physical and being dirty. The Ducks are a dirty team and frustrates me to no end that they get to play by a different rulebook.

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