Televised Preseason Game Notes


Hey, the Red Wings are actually on TV tonight! And it only took to the midway point of the exhibition schedule. Go FSN!

Oh, and it’s also on the radio for people who are away from a TV but close enough to Detroit to get AM 1270.

It looks like we’ll see the people I’m most interested in, if Khan’s roster is right…



Howard (whole game)

Hossa, Kopecky, Abdelkader and Leino were the guys I wanted to see in exhibitions. Hossa because he’s the new guy, Kopecky because he’s coming back from injury, Abdelkader ’cause he’s the local guy and Leino ’cause he might be another one of those brilliant Red Wings moves.

A couple game notes… Start time is 7:30. FSN will be airing a special about Dan Cleary’s time with the Cup at 7:00 (likely to be re-aired 108 times over the next month or two given FSN’s usual airing habits).

Oh, yeah, and don’t be surprised when the Wings step onto the ice with straight nameplates on their jerseys, no one ever remembers but the team does this every year during the preseason. The vertically-arched lettering will return on October 9.

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