The Butterfly Effect


The next day and I still don’t know what to say. I haven’t done a recap ’cause I don’t even want to have to write it. I haven’t done a blog ’cause all I want to write is a stream of profanity.

I’m a big fan of alternate history. Seeing how the butterfly effect might have changed things. Looking at this game, the Wings didn’t play well. I have to think, though, that Detroit taking a 1-0 lead would have taken away all of Dallas’ momentum.

It’s not simply a 3-1 game becoming 3-2. Everything from the point of that goal would have changed. Maybe the Stars feel more pressure and push too hard, taking stupid penalties that they didn’t take in the game we saw.

It’s a change in mindset. Instead of Dallas thinking “Whew, we just dodged one.” it would have been “Damn, what do we have to do to stop these guys?” Doubt creeps in.

But we didn’t see that. Call it a make-up call, a reputation call, whatever. Because of it, we were robbed of seeing what the game should have been. It might not have changed the outcome but it would have changed the game.

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