Thoughts on Game One


Getting back late from the game last night I haven’t had time to watch my recording of it so there’ll be no recap for now. I have had time to check out what other people have had to say about it so I’ll add my two cents.

The Stars fans that are complaining about Detroit’s early five-on-three should. That almost never gets called. That said, I’ve said for a long time that I wish the NHL would cut down on the stuff that happens after the whistle and for once they did. I like that they called it, I wish they would call it more often, but since they don’t I think Dallas has a right to complain.

Consistency, people. Is it really that hard? Call it all the time or don’t call it at all.

The other complaint I’m seeing is on Holmstrom’s goal, that his foot was in the crease.

“We were told that if there’s going to be a player in the blue paint that would be no goal,” Dallas coach Dave Tippett said. “Obviously that didn’t happen.”

Not that it hasn’t been called before but the crease rule is supposed to be dead. Holmstrom’s allowed to be in the crease as long as he doesn’t interfere. No sympathy from me, I’ll wait to see the replay.

Two things the Wings were supposed to be afraid of just weren’t all that fearsome. Marty Turco was beaten back and forth and the Dallas power play couldn’t come up with anything.

Brendan Morrow did get a goal and containing him will be a key to this series. I thought Ozzie shouldn’t have given up that rebound but he didn’t need to play a perfect game so it’s okay.

I liked the swap of Kirk Maltby in for Darren McCarty and that should stay for now, Maltby played a really solid game, better than I remember him playing in awhile.

It’s obvious that the Wings don’t need to change anything going forward in this series. They did all the things they had to. I don’t know what Dallas can change but they’ll have to find something.

I’ll get my photos from the game posted as soon as I have time to go through them, Should be later today.

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