• The Highlander reports that Chris Osgood will get the start on Wednesday.

    I’m telling you, Hasek is the #1 in name only.

    Clark Rasmussen November 20, 2007 9:13 AM
  • So are we taking bets? Hasek is on the All-Star ballot, you must be mistaken…

    SYfanSD November 21, 2007 3:44 AM
  • Hasek on the All-Star ballot that was decided before the start of the season. Miikka Kiprusoff is on there and he’s currently 31st in GAA in the league. Martin Havlat, who’s played all of one game this season, is on the Western Conference ballot.

    Clark Rasmussen November 21, 2007 4:39 AM
  • Overall… Kind of a slow period as far as play goes. The longer they keep the Blues off the board, the better, so no complaints so far.

    Clark Rasmussen November 22, 2007 1:19 AM
  • Wings need to score on more of these power plays, they’re calling the weak stuff tonight so it’ll eventually come back to bite them.

    Huge stop by Osgood! That’s what Hasek wasn’t giving last week.

    Clark Rasmussen November 22, 2007 1:33 AM
  • The Wings get their goal and then go right on the PK. Cheap calls abound. Mickey loves it. :)

    Clark Rasmussen November 22, 2007 1:40 AM
  • Ouch, Lebda takes a stick to the face. I agree with Ken, didn’t seem intentional, but it doesn’t make it hurt any less. Good thing he looked relatively okay.

    Clark Rasmussen November 22, 2007 2:42 AM
  • SHUTOUT :)

    Mathieu_Datsyuk132351 November 22, 2007 2:58 AM
  • Yep, nice to get the shutout. Solid game all around. Cheap calls helped them out early, it all combines for an important win.

    Clark Rasmussen November 22, 2007 3:00 AM
  • Oh nice. Wings on the board early with a pretty power play goal.

    Clark Rasmussen November 22, 2007 12:41 PM