• Not the most exciting game ever, with 10:00 remaining in the third, but Mickey sure is getting chippy in the press box. Bitching about the refs and the St. Louis camera people, he’s nuts. :cursing:

    Well, it’s gotten a bit more exciting.

    What’s up with the St. Louis fans chanting “Os-good, Os-good” derisively while he’s making saves? They don’t realize you usually wait until he does something bad to do that?

    We’ve got overtime. Whatever happens here, GO CHICAGO! If the ‘Hawks win tonight, the Wings gain on Nashville. :cursing:

    Damnit! No one’s on Guerin and Osgood can’t get back over in time. That was a mess of a play. Now the Blackhawks damn well better help the Wings out.

    Clark Rasmussen January 27, 2007 3:30 AM