Red Wings – Blackhawks Post Game


Another night where I don’t feel like doing a game recap. With a game tomorrow, I’ll get a chance to make up for it pretty quick.

Instead, a rant about Dominik Hasek.

Four goals against isn’t unheard of and normally wouldn’t be cause for concern except for the fact that Hasek is expected to single-handedly win games. Four goals is unacceptable.

Three of those four goals (the three shorthanded goals) were one-on-one. Hasek has to make those stops.

Now, in mid-November it’s easy to call a game unimportant. Maybe in June we’ll all be singing Hasek’s praises again, and I hope so. But the Red Wings need consistancy in net to get to the postseason and right now Chris Osgood provides more of that.

Hasek is the big name but Osgood is the one playing big. We have a goaltending controversy whether the Red Wings acknowledge it or not.

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