Osgood Announces Retirement


Chris Osgood has officially retired.

It’s been tough for me to write that. I’ve been an Osgood fan since he came into the NHL. I always preferred him to Cheveldae and Essensa, Vernon and Hasek. Jimmy Howard somehow made it past that sometimes-irrational favoritism but I prefer a healthy Chris Osgood to Ty Conklin as his backup.

Osgood feels healthy today but can’t promise he would be all season. That’s why his retirement is the right call for both him and the organization.

The debates will rage about where Osgood stands in relation to his peers and the NHL greats. Does he belong in the Hall of Fame?nbsp; Was he just the product of the Red Wings’ system?

I’m not getting involved in that today. I’m just going to look back at old highlights and say “Thank you” to Osgood for what he did for the Red Wings.

This may be the right move for the team and for Ozzie but it doesn’t feel right as a fan.


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