It Was Everyone, or Was It No One?


I didn’t post a news update or a message here in my blog after Detroit’s 6-2 loss in Nashville a couple days ago. I believe that’s the first time this season that, aside from the score, DetroitHockey.Net went without mention of the outcome of the game.

I wasn’t trying to ignore it, though – as I mentioned in the forums – I did turn the game off in the second period. I just felt that I needed time to reflect before putting my thoughts together on such a horrible performance.

Two days later, I find myself thinking that the performance wasn’t as horrible as it seemed.

Right before I turned the game off, Mickey Redmond said something along the lines of “If there was ever a game where the goalie gave up six goals and didn’t have a bad night, it was tonight.” I think – to a certain extent – that applies to the whole team.

Thinking back, there weren’t really too many bad plays or stupid decisions made by the Red Wings, it was just that Nashville capitalized on every single chance they got.

I’d love to complain about the officiating (the name of this blog is “Misconduct” after all) but the refs don’t score six goals on a team.

Mike Babcock called it a “team effort” (I belive those were his words). An off-night, others might say.

While it comes at a bad time, during a losing streak that needs snapping, it’s not indicitive of Detroit’s play as of late.

As long as they bounce back, the game is an outlier and can be forgotten.

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