Red Wings – Predators Zombie-Blogging


I realize I never do any fun blogging anymore. Tonight I’m going to try to change that, doing a zombie-blog of the Wings-Preds tilt.

I missed the game live, having had a couple soccer games tonight, so since this isn’t a live-blog but it’s close, so I’ll call it a zombie-blog.

Most people who do this are funny. I’m not. We’ll see how this works.

11:49 PM – Just now getting underway. It’s like a West Coast game if you’re talking about the west coast of Alaska. Or Maui, which is probably more likely given the NHL’s expansion/relocation history.

11:51 PM – Mikael Samuelsson starts with Pavel Datsyuk and Henrik Zetterberg. I’m insane but I want to see Tomas Kopecky out with them.

11:53 – Hand pass gives me time to mention that this zombie-blog is brought to you by Gatorade, makers of energy drinks and Sidney Crosby commercials.

11:55 – Darren Helm goes to the box. I didn’t see a penalty, whatever.

12:07 – I love Babcock going off on the refs. For once, Andreas Lilja didn’t deserve it.

12:11 – Scott Nichol just saved a goal. Great defensive play. Too bad.

12:13 – You’re kidding me. Giveaway by Niklas Kronwall, Alexander Radulov takes it into the corner and throws it back out front, off Kronwall and Hasek and in. When was the last time the Wings had one like that?

12:16 – End of the first. Yawn. Nothing too exciting, aside from Nichol’s save. Even the lone goal was a boring play.

12:19 – Kronner makes amends. As Redmond says, an awful goal to give up. Ellis just missed it.

12:24 – Chelios with a seeing-eye shot, no idea how that got through. Out comes Ellis. I’m not sure I’d do that.

12:28 – Starting to get chippy. That always worries me against Nashville.

12:29 – Bad clear by Nashville and Brian Rafalski rifles it into the top of the net. Power play goal. Very nice. Ken and Mickey making a big deal about three goals from the Detroit defense.

12:30 – Huge stop by Dom. I hope that means he’s feeling comfortable.

12:52 – Things had been kinda boring but now we’ve got a five-on-five scrum and the goalies yelling. Kind of surprising that no real fights came of that. Maybe not, how often does Nashville actually fight?

12:55 – Hamhuis goes after Zetterberg to end the second. At this point, Nashville’s not looking to make a point. You make a point by fighting the other team’s fighters. This is just thugging it up.

1:00 – The Wings blow a long five-on-three and Nashville comes right back to score. Bad goal for Dom to give up, he came too far off the post. And of course it’s off Kronwall’s stick.

1:04 – Tie game. Dom made a series of saves on the Nashville power play but couldn’t stop the last one.

1:07 – Huge save by Hasek on Bochenski but what was with the giveaway that led to that chance? Replay shows Lebda couldn’t corral it.

1:10 – Johan Franzen’s been hanging out with Datsyuk and Zetterberg too much. He was all over the Nashville zone all on his own before slipping that shot past Mason to put the Wings back out in front.

1:13 – Dom stones Jordin Tootoo to keep the Wings in front. Someday someone’s going to snap Tootoo in half but for now I’ll take this.

1:20 – Zetterberg hits Datsyuk to put him in all alone and all I can do is laugh. Mason looked terrified. And an octopus hits the ice.

1:29 – Kirk Maltby hits the post on an empty net. Appropriate. Datsyuk puts it in. Also appropriate.

1:31 – And it’s over. I’m glad, this could have gotten messy pretty quick but never got quite to that point. I’m going to sleep.

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