Wings Prospect Grigorenko out of Intensive Care


Red Wings prospect Igor Grigorenko has been moved out of intensive care as he continues to recover from injuries sustained in a May 16 auto accident.

Grigorenko, a twenty-year-old forward and Detroit’s top prospect, lost control of his car driving during a rainy night and crashed. His injuried included broken shin and thigh bones in his left leg. He later developed a fat embolism – fatty tissue causing the blockage of blood vessels – in his left lung. Grigorenko was heavily sedated and on a ventilator to cope with having trouble breathing, high blood pressure and a fever.

Having been taken off the ventilator last week, Grigorenko has begun talking and eating on his own. He spoke to his agent, Mark Lapush, on Saturday night.

“He’s doing well,” Lapush said. “He’s healing fast.”

“It was a miracle with him,” Lapush said. “The doctor told me now he feels Igor’s going to be all right.”

The Red Wings hope to bring Grigorenko to Detroit, but he can’t be moved until his condition betters.

“He can’t travel until he gets stronger,” assistant general manager Jim Nill said. “We’re just kind of going week by week now. We’re just waiting to get him out of the hospital.”

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