Grigorenko in Critical Condition Amid Rumors


Detroit Red Wings’ prospect Igor Grigorenko is in critical condition in a Russian hospital after suffering what is rumored to be an adipose embolism in his left lung.

Mark Lapush, Grigorenko’s agent, denies reports that the twenty-year-old forward is in a coma. Lapush also says that the lung is merely infected.

An adipose embolism is similar to a blood clot is that it blocks blood vessels. However, the fatty tissue creating the obstruction cannot be dissolved as most blood clots can. Reports state that Grigorenko is on a ventilator, which is typical in cases of adipose embolisms.

Grigorenko is under heavy medication and has undergone two surgeries. He has been asleep most of the time since the car accident in which he suffered the initial injuries of a broken left hip and a broken left tibia (shin).

“He hurt himself very badly,” Lapush said. “But everything is fixable. It just takes time. In two weeks, he can be in better shape than today. He’s a strong, young guy. He’s going to be all right.”

Red Wings doctors have been in communication with those treating Grigorenko in his hometown of Togliatti. Detroit center Igor Larionov acted as a translator between the two parties on one occasion.

The Red Wings considered sending their own doctors to Russia to observe Grigorenko but decided against it due to the many obstacles they would face.

“In the end, I don’t know how beneficial it would have been,” general manager Ken Holland said. “We’re trying to do everything we can to make sure Igor Grigorenko gets the best treatment. Obviously it’s a difficult situation. I wish we could help more.”

Grigorenko is the Red Wings’ top prospect. He played on a line with Detroit forward Pavel Datsyuk and Atlanta star Ilya Kovalchuk at the World Championships earlier this month in Finland. The Wings had hoped to bring him over to North America next season, but that now seems unlikely.

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